# Freezing

# Android

pywebview is designed to be built with buildozer (opens new window). You need to include following lines in your buildozer.spec to bundle pywebview correctly

requirements = python3,kivy,pywebview
android.add_jars = <path_to_pywebview-android.jar>

pywebview-android.jar is shipped with pywebview and can be found under site-packages/pywebview/lib. To get its full path type

from webview import util

You can see a sample bulldozer.spec here (opens new window)

# macOS

Use py2app (opens new window). For a reference setup.py for py2app, look here (opens new window).

# Windows / Linux

Use pyinstaller (opens new window). Pyinstaller picks all the dependencies found in pywebview, even if you don't use them. So for example if you have PyQt installed, but use EdgeChromium renderer on Windows, pyinstaller will bundle PyQT all the same. To prevent that you might want to add unwanted dependencies to excludes in your spec file.