# Troubleshooting

# webview has no attribute create_window

You probably have a file named webview.py in the current directory. Renaming it to something else should fix the problem.

# Terminal window receives key events on macOS

If you create a virtual environment using the built-in Python on macOS, a pywebview window will have issues with keyboard focus and Cmd+Tab. The issue can be avoided by using other Python installation. For example to use Python 3 via Homebrew (opens new window).

brew install python3
virtualenv pywebview_env -p python3

# Frozen executable is too big

Big executable size is caused by packager picking up unnecessary dependencies. For example if you have PyQt installed but use Winforms on Windows, Pyinstaller will bundle both frameworks. To avoid this in Pyinstaller, use --exclude-module option to explicitly omit the module.