# Changelog

# 3.7

Released 04/11/2022

# ⚡ Features

  • [All] New window.moved event. Thanks @irtimir

# 🚀 Improvements

  • [EdgeChromium] Remove The system cannot find the file specified - Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Registry path: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Clients{F3017226-FE2A-4295-8BDF-00C3A9A7E4C5} error message displayed in debug mode.
  • [CEF] error.log is no longer deleted when in debug mode.

# 🐞 Bug fixes

  • [All] Fix evaluate_js_async crash and program termination prevention. Thanks @detritophage.
  • [WinForms] Fix form initialization for pythonnet 3. Thanks @irtimir
  • [CEF] Fix errorous script execution in evaluate_js, so that further script do not get stuck. Thanks @irtimir
  • [CEF] Fix master uid not found error on startup.
  • [QT] Remove 'Empty key passed' messages. Thanks @TomFryers
  • [QT] PySide6 backend not working. Thanks @sbbosco
  • [QT] Prevent 'Release of profile requested but WebEnginePage still not deleted. Expect troubles !' message on close. Thanks @sbbosco

# 3.6.3

Released 05/04/2022

# 🐞 Bug fixes

  • [Winforms] Support for Edge Chromium v100. Thanks @greper.

# 3.6.2

Released 05/03/2022

# 🐞 Bug fixes

  • [Cocoa] Fix closing window

# 3.6.1

Released 16/02/2022

  • Fix [CEF] Exception on start

# 3.6

Released 15/02/2022

  • New [All] Python 3.6 is the minimum supported version from now on.
  • New [All] minimized, maximized, restored, resized events. Thanks @BillBridge for sponsorship.
  • New [All] evaluate_js async support. evaluate_js(code, callback) can evaluate promises via an optional callback parameter.
  • New [All] Events moved to its own window.events namespace (e.g. window.loadedwindow.events.loaded). Old events are supported throughout 3.x and will be removed in 4.0.
  • New [All] window.resize(width, height, fix_point) has now an optional parameter fix_point that controls in respect to which point the window is resized.
  • New [All] MSHTML and EdgeHTML are deprecated. No further development will be done on these renderers.
  • New [Winforms] Focus webview on start or window activate events.
  • New [EdgeChromium] Custom user agent support.
  • New [EdgeChromium] Window transparency support. Mouse and keyboards events are not supported in transparent. Thanks @odtian.
  • New [CEF] Ability to pass custom CEF browser settings. Thanks @Rolf-MP.
  • Improvement [EdgeChromium] Support non-elevated installations of WebView2. Thanks @ultrararetoad.
  • Improvement [EdgeChromium] Better support for Edge Chromium runtime detectiom. Thanks @r-muthu-saravanan.
  • Improvement [EdgeChromium] WebView2 runtime updated to
  • Improvement [QT] Pyside support via PyQT wrapper. Thanks @tshemeng.
  • Fix [Cocoa] Make Ctrl-C (SIGINT) work on Cocoa when running from the command line
  • Fix [EdgeChromium] Fix `load_html. Thanks @sbbosco.
  • Fix [Cocoa] Fix cancelling of closing the window in the closing event Thanks @fizzadar.
  • Fix [QT] Fix simultaneous calls to JS API.
  • Fix [GTK] Fix concurrency issues with get_size, get_position and get_current_url.

# 3.5

Released 02/08/2021

  • New [All] Get information about available screens via new webview.screens property.
  • New [All] Per window localization. Thanks @fizzadar.
  • New [All] Window closing can be cancelled by returning False from a closing event handler. #744.
  • Fix [All] Debug mode cannot be set under certain conditions. #628
  • Improvement [All] Selected web renderer printed in Python console in debug mode.
  • Improvement [All] JS API serialization logic. Thanks @peter23
  • Improvement [EdgeChromium] Chromium runtime updated to version 1.0.774.44. Thanks @sbbosco.
  • Improvement [EdgeChromium] Custom user agent support.
  • Fix [WinForms] Icon handling logic to make pywebview compatible with pystray. #720. Thanks @simonrob
  • Fix [EdgeChromium] Change webview component to transparent. Thanks @ODtian
  • Fix [CEF] Fix exception when destroying window
  • Fix [Cocoa] cmd+w bypasses exit confirmation dialogue. #698. Thanks @fizzadar
  • Fix [Cocoa] Fix window coordinate calculation logic when moving a window.
  • Fix [MSHTML] Fix drag_region
  • Fix [MSHTML] Fix window.alert

# 3.4: Second wave

Released 04/12/2020

# 3.3.5

Released 26/09/2020

  • Fix [EdgeHTML] Server middleware handling
  • Fix [EdgeHTML] file:// url handling

# 3.3.4

Released 18/09/2020

  • Fix [EdgeHTML] Fix content not displaying with local URLs or local HTTP server
  • Fix [Cocoa] Fixes arrow keys not responding in text input fields. Thanks awesomo4000 (opens new window)

# 3.3.3

Released 08/08/2020

# 3.3.2

Released 28/07/2020

  • Fix [All] Load html triggers error - resolve_url() missing 1 required positional argument: 'should_serve' #562 (opens new window).
  • Fix [Cocoa/GTK] Access window size on closing #573 (opens new window).
  • Fix [GTK] Save file dialog now returns a string instead of a tuple.

# 3.3.1

Released 01/07/2020

# 3.3: Detroit Edition

Released 29/06/2020

  • New [All] Brand-new WSGI based internal HTTP server. Thanks @astronouth7303 (opens new window).
  • New [All] Transparent window. Not available on Windows.
  • New [All] Allow pywebview window to be on top of other windows.
  • New [All] Custom window drag region using CSS classes. Thanks @Fizzadar (opens new window).
  • New [All] Custom user-agent support. Thanks @tognee (opens new window).
  • Fix [All] Python function not triggered using JS #458 (opens new window).
  • Fix [All] window methods do not work in loaded event #528 (opens new window).
  • Fix [Cocoa] Caption bar and window control buttons are now hidden in frameless mode.
  • Fix [CEF] CEF window resize hang #484 (opens new window).
  • Fix [MSHTML] Fix easy drag in frameless mode.
  • Fix [EdgeHTML] Do not show admin prompt for non-local URLs.
  • Fix [GTK] Fix threading issues with recentish versions of PyGObject
  • Fix [QT] Fix opening web inspecting in debug mode

# 3.2: Humate Edition

Released 24/01/2020

  • New [All] Window x, y, width and height properties to retrieve coordinates and dimensions of the window. Thanks @Fizzadar (opens new window)
  • New [All] window.expose(func) an ability to expose an arbitrary function to the JS realm, also during the runtime.
  • Improvement [All] JS API methods can now accept an arbitrary number of arguments
  • Improvement [All] Exceptions thrown in a JS API method is now raised in Javascript via its promise.
  • Improvement [All] Exceptions thrown in window event handlers are now caught and logged.
  • Improvement [All] Random port assigned by the built-in HTTP server can be retrieved via webview.http_server.port
  • Improvement [QT] Microphone/webcam are enabled by default. Thanks @dtcooper (opens new window)
  • Improvement [QT] Default debugger port is changed to 8228. Thanks @melvinkcx (opens new window)
  • Improvement [CEF] Ability to pass custom CEF settings via webview.platforms.cef.settings. See example for details.
  • Fix [All] Built-in HTTP server is properly restarted when using window.load_url
  • Fix [Cocoa] New window position is correctly calculated when using window.move
  • Fix [EdgeHTML] window.alert fix

# 3.1: Windows Edition

Released 04/11/2019

  • New [All] Window minimize/restore functionality. Ability to show window minimized on startup.
  • New [All] Window hide/show functionality. Ability to show window hidden on startup.
  • New [All] Window move functionality. Ability to set window coordinates on startup. Thanks @adbenitez.
  • New [All] New window.pywebviewreadyDOM event that is thrown when window.pywebview is available.
  • New [All] Links opened via window.open are opened in a new browser window.
  • Fix [All] Fix concurrent invocations of JS API functions.
  • Fix [All] Fix unescaped single quote in JS API calls.
  • Fix [All] Built-in HTTP server is now multi-threaded. This fixes stalling HTTP requests in some cases.
  • Improvement [All] window.set_window_size is deprecated in favour to window.resize.
  • Improvement [All] Exceptions are now handled in JS API functions and rerouted to the function promise catch method.
  • Improvement [All] Suppress built-in HTTP server logging. Logging is active only in the debug mode.
  • Fix [CEF] Fix deadlock occurring when trying to access window.pywebview object right after the window is created.
  • Fix [CEF] High DPI fix resulting in a small window appearing inside the main window,
  • Fix [EdgeHTML] Unicode error when loading HTML.
  • Fix [MSHTML] get_elements failing.
  • Fix [MSHTML] console.log not writing to Python console in debug mode.
  • Fix [MSHTML] Forcing MSHTML via gui=mshtml is now possible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Windows 3.1

# 3.0.2

Released 17/08/2019

  • Fix [All] Prevent JSON like strings being converted to JSON objects when returning JS API calls. #352
  • Fix [Windows] HTTP server is now used by default for local URLs and HTML for EdgeHTML. This fixes a PermissionDenied error, when the directory the executable is in is not writable.
  • Fix [Tests] Tests now fail on an exception occurring in a thread.

# 3.0.1

Released 25/07/2019

  • Fix [All] Don't escape line breaks in result of js_bridge_call. Thanks @kvasserman.
  • Fix [Windows] Support for Pyinstaller noconsole mode
  • Fix [Windows] Fix Windows version detection with frozen executables.
  • Fix [Windows] Open folder dialog now supports directory argument.
  • Fix [QT] Workaround for segmentation fault on closing the main window. Thanks @kvasserman.
  • Fix [Pytest] Fix for pytest warning about invalid escape sequence

# 3.0

Released 11/07/2019

  • New [All] New API. The API is not compatible with older versions of pywebview. See https://pywebview.flowrl.com for usage details. #272
  • New [All] Built-in HTTP server. #260
  • New [All] Autogenerated CSRF token exposed as window.pywebview.token. #316
  • New [All] get_elements function to retrieve DOM nodes. #292
  • New [All] New events system that lets you to subscribe to events. loaded and shown events are implemented. #201
  • New [Windows] EdgeHTML support. Thanks @heavenvolkoff. #243
  • Fix [Windows] Fullscreen mode. #338
  • Fix [GTK] Better Javascript support for recent version of WebKit2
  • Fix [CEF] Support for PyInstaller in onefile mode

# 2.4

Released 17/02/2019

  • New [All] Support for frameless windows.
  • Fix [Windows] Fix broken installation of v2.3

# 2.3

Released 12/02/2019

  • New [All] Ability to resize window after creation webview.set_window_size(width, height). Thanks @aprowe #274
  • New [Windows] Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) support #15
  • Improvement [All] pywebview does not interfer with Python's logger configuration #295
  • Fix [All] Empty DOM issues when window is created without a URL #285
  • Improvement [macOS] Web renderer upgraded to WKWebView
  • Improvement [macOS] Add support for Mojave dark mode
  • Fix [macOS] Problem with handling paths containing spaces #283
  • Fix [QT] Better support for QTWebKit and QTWebChannel #304
  • Improvement [QT] Remove support for QT4
  • Fix [GTK] Thrown exception not Python 2 compatible #277

# 2.2.1

Released 24/10/2018

  • Fix Dependency installation
  • New Reintroduce [qt] extra require switch

# 2.2

Released 23/10/2018

  • New Brand new documentation at https://pywebview.flowrl.com
  • Improvement Simplify installation. Now pywebview can be installed by pip install pywebview. Dependencies will be resolved and installed automatically
  • Improvement [GTK] Update to WebKit2

# 2.1

Released 16/09/2018

  • New [All] Introduce PYWEBVIEW_GUI environment variable and webview.config.gui property. Acceptable values are are qt, gtk and win32. USE_QT and USE_WIN32 is deprecated.
  • Fix [Cocoa] Closing main window does not result in program termination
  • Fix [All] New main window re-creation after closing. #229
  • Fix [QT] Debug mode #233
  • Fix [Cocoa/Windows] Preserve JS API on page reload
  • Fix [Windows] toggle_fullscreen() function #232. Thanks @lt94
  • Fix [Windows] load_css() function. Thanks @wormius.

# 2.0.3

Released 16/05/2018

  • Fix [QT] Fix a deadlock preventing QT implementation from starting
  • Fix [QT] QT is set to default on QT-based systems

# 2.0.1/2.0.2

Released 08/05/2018

  • Fix [Winforms] Fix installation of dlls

# 2.0

Released 28/04/2018

  • New [All] Multi-window support
  • New [All] Ability to call Python code from Javascript via window.pywebview.api
  • New [All] Debug mode. Web inspector for Cocoa/GTK/QT and basic debug information for WinForms.
  • New [All] File filter support in create_file_dialog
  • New [All] target='_blank' links are now opened in an external browser
  • New [All] Change window title via a set_title function #159
  • New [All] load_css function
  • New [All] Support for relative local URLs in create_window / load_html. Linked local resources are resolved as well. #186
  • New [All] todos example app demonstrating js api and relative local URLs.
  • New [All] Text select in the webview window is disabled by default. Added text_select argument to create_window function.
  • New [QT] OpenBSD 6.x support #213. Thanks @hucste.
  • Fix [All] base_uri parameter of load_html defaults to the directory of the entry script
  • Fix [All] Consistent return types with evaluate_js across different platforms #175
  • Fix [All] Various concurrency issues and deadlocks
  • Fix [Winforms] Hide Message from webpage when using alert Javascript function #150
  • Fix [Winforms] Support for high DPI #179
  • Fix [QT] Support for QT 5.10 #171. Thanks @adbenitez
  • Fix [QT] Deprecate QT4. Starting from this version new features won't be tested on QT4 and support will be removed in the future.

# 1.8

Released 29/10/2017

  • pywebview has the official logo
  • @shivaprsdv is now an official maintainer of the project
  • New [All] Add an ability to run Javascript code using evaluate_js function
  • Fix [Cocoa] Implement missing webview components (file input dialog, alert()/confirm() JS functions)
  • Fix [Winforms] Fix issue with non-responsive UI when a loading screen background color is used
  • Fix [Winforms] Add support for Del and Ctrl+A keys in input elements.
  • New [QT] QT5 is now prefererred over QT4
  • Fix [QT] Fix return parameters of create_file_dialog to have the same format as on other platforms
  • Fix [GTK] Better threading model. Thanks to @jorants #121

# 1.7

Released 08/06/2017

  • New [All] Add a basic test suite and continuous integration. #88
  • New [All] Add a background_color parameter to create_window, which specifies the default color of the webview window. Refer to examples/loading_indicator.py for example use. Thanks to @shivaprsdv. #90
  • New [Cocoa] Disable backspace navigation. Thanks to @shivaprsdv. #102
  • New [Cocoa] Implementation of window.print() and window.confirm method. Thanks to @shivaprsdv. #97
  • Fix [Cocoa] Fix non-existing localization string in save file dialog
  • New [Winforms] Disable all the shortcut keys of web navigation
  • Fix [Winforms] Fix load_html failing sometimes due thread violation
  • Fix [GTK] Implement fall-through to QT, when GTK is present, but not GTK.WebKit.

# 1.6

Released 29/03/2017

  • New [All] Quit confirmation dialog #31
  • New [All] webview.config can be used using the dot notation (ie. webview.config.use_win32 = True)
  • New [Winforms] Disable context menu
  • Fix [Winforms] Application icon is now visible in the application window when frozen with PyInstaller #91
  • Fix [Mac] load_html() is invoked as soon as the webview is ready #93
  • Fix [QT] get_current_url() not working due a typo. Thanks @maroc81. #85
  • Fix [GTK] Better exception handling when GTK is not found #94
  • Fix [GTK] destroy_window() #95

# 1.5

Released 09/02/2017

  • New [All] toggle_fullscreen function #52
  • New [All] get_current_url function #76
  • New [Winforms] Javascript errors are now suppressed
  • Fix [Winforms] Fixed resizable=False not being enforced #73

# 1.4

Released 14/01/2017

  • New [All] pip installation now supports choosing what dependencies to install. See README for more information. Thanks @josePhoenix
  • New [All] Localization support. Refer to examples/localization.py for an example use
  • New [Mac] QT5 support
  • Fix [Windows] File dialogs are now attached to the main window
  • Fix [Windows] Pyinstaller crash issue with an icon in Windows Forms

# 1.3

Released 31/10/2016

  • New [Cocoa] Added View -> Fullscreen standard menu item. Thanks to @bastula.
  • New [Cocoa] Added About menu item #45. Thanks to @bastula.
  • New [Windows] An application icon for Windows Forms
  • Fix [Windows] Removed unnecessary pywin32 dependencies from Windows Forms #60
  • Fix [Linux] Thread violation in load_url in GTK implementation #59

# 1.2.2

Released 10/10/2016

  • Fix [All] Python 2 compatibility issue in Flask Example (#52). Thanks to @bastula.
  • Fix [Windows] Python 3 compatibility issue in Windows Forms implementation (#51)
  • Fix [Linux] Resizing width/height: 100% problem on GTK (#53). Thanks to @klausweiss.

# 1.2.1

Released 29/09/2016

  • Fix [Linux] GTK window failing to open. Thanks to @lchish. #50

# 1.2

Released 27/09/2016

  • New [All] Introduced load_html function that allows dynamic loading of HTML code, instead of a URL. Implemented for all platforms except Win32 (use Windows Forms). Thanks to @ysobolev #39
  • New [All] Added an example of a Flask-based application skeleton. The example can be found in examples/flask_app
  • New [Windows] Windows Forms based implementation of webview window. Requires pythonnet.
  • New [Windows] Introduced config["USE_WIN32"] variable that lets you choose between Win32 and Windows Forms. Default to True (Windows Forms will be made as default in the future)
  • Fix [Windows/Linux] Got rid of installation dependencies on Windows and Linux. The dependencies now have to be installed by hand and the choice of dependencies is left to user
  • Fix [Linux] Compatibility with Qt 5.5. Thanks to @danidee10. #48

# 1.1

Released 08/06/2016

  • New [OSX] Add a default application menu #35. Thanks @cuibonobo
  • New [Linux] GTK is made as default and pypi dependency added. USE_GTK environment variable is also deprecated. To use QT, set webview.config["USE_QT"] = True
  • Fix [Windows] Open folder of create_file_dialog now returns Unicode, instead of byte encoding.

# 1.0.2

Released 19/05/2016

  • Fix [Windows] Fix a dead-lock that sometimes occurs on a window creation, when used with a HTTP server running in a separate thread.

# 1.0.1

Released 17/05/2016

  • Fix [Windows] PyInstaller: Icon not found #29

# 1.0

Released 12/02/2016

  • New [All] Add an ability to programmatically destroy a webview window
  • Fix [Windows] Fullscreen mode
  • Fix [Windows] Change setup.py to use pypiwin32 #22
  • Fix [Windows] Relative import of win32_gen fixed on Python 3 #20. Thanks to @yoavram for the contribution
  • Fix [Windows] FileNotFound exception on Windows 2003. Thanks to @jicho for the contribution
  • Fix [OSX] Non-SSL URLs are allowed by default on El Capitan. Thanks to @cr0hn for the contribution

# 0.9

Released 27/11/2015

  • New [All] Right click context menu is disabled #12
  • New [All] Window minimum size constraints #13
  • New [All] Save file dialog
  • New [All] Added directory and save_filename parameters to create_file_dialog
  • New [All] An option to set a default directory in a file dialog
  • New [GTK] Introduced USE_GTK environment variable. When set, GTK is preferred over QT.
  • Fix [Windows] Webview scrollbar sizing with a non-resizable window
  • Fix [Windows] Add support for application icon #9
  • Fix [Windows] Disable logging spam for comtypes

# 0.8.4

  • Fix [Windows] Invisible scrollbars
  • Fix [Windows] Fullscreen mode

# 0.8.3

  • Fixed #10 Underlying browser does not resize with window under windows

# 0.8.2

Released on 08/10/2015

  • Fixed Pressing close window button terminates the whole program on OSX

# 0.8

Released on 06/10/2015

  • New Support for native open file / open folder dialogs
  • Fixed #6 FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION not in winreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Thanks to @frip for the fix.

# 0.7

Released on 08/04/2015

  • Fixed Python 3 compatibility in Win32 module (thanks @Firnagzen) #3
  • Fixed Floating values for window dimensions causing issues on Windows XP (thanks @Firnagzen) #4
  • Fixed Correct IE version registry key on Windows XP (thanks @Firnagzen) #5

# 0.6

Released on 11/02/2015

  • Fixed A problem preventing from creating a window on Windows

# 0.5

Released on 30/11/2014

  • New Windows support
  • New GTK3 support
  • New pip installation
  • New Fullscreen mode

# 0.1

Released on 20/11/2014

  • First release
  • Linux and OSX support